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James Roberts Consulting, LLC - First line software services since 1993

SAP ABAP/4 Development and Support

James Roberts Consulting, LLC has provided support for development of SAP reports, Dynpros, SAPScript since 1999.

  • Dynpro based entry systems using standard SAP methodologies
  • ALV based reporting
  • Data exports for external systems
  • Data imports from external systems
  • Validation systems for determining configurable finished goods readiness for shipment and labeling of the finished goods
  • Returned goods processing for clients to record disposition of RMA materials including automating billing of necessary billing documents on completion of returned good.
  • Batch process management for emailing of reports results to client's customers.
  • Serial number processing subsystem to determine warranty of materials based on shipment and return date

Completed Projects

Besides providing on-going support James Roberts Consulting, LLC has completed numerous stand-alone projects. These projects were delivered on schedule and on budget.

Web Based Procedure, Work Instruction and Forms Database

James Roberts Consulting, LLC designed and implemented a web based repository for a client's procedural documents, work instructions, and forms. The repository is lifecycle phase and revision controlled. Workflow for submitting, approving and releasing new documents, instructions and forms is provided. Released documents etc are broadcast to affected users. The system is developed with aspx, C# and Sql Server. This system replaced a Lotus Notes database and included extracting old information from that system and import into the new system

Purchase Order Requisition Web Front End For SAP System

James Roberts Consulting, LLC designed and implemented a web based front end system for the approval of SAP purchase requisitions. The system notifies managers responsible for approving requisitions and provides an easy to use approval system. The history of the approvals is stored in a SQL Server database. The approved requisitions are automatically updated in the SAP system thru SAP RFC (remote function calls). The web based system was created using ASPX, C#, and Ajax using Microsoft Master Site technology.

Company Acquisition Data Merge

James Roberts Consulting, LLC managed the conversion of data for the merger of two companies in the telecommunications industry. The conversion included defining and implementing a data normalization process for the electronic and mechanical components from the acquired company's system into a SAP/R3 system. The project also converted data for the acquiring company's Agile Product Data Management system. Approximately 7000 materials were converted.

Software tools were developed to manage:

  • Cross referencing of material numbers as engineers matched existing electronic and mechanical components.
  • Assignment of new material numbers for materials unique from the acquired company.
  • Validating Bills of Materials for 100% conversion of materials.
  • Exporting of material data to an import format for Agile.

There were many dedicated individuals on this project that allowed us to convert the materials before the scheduled due date.

Simultaneously we assisted several departments in conversion of data into the SAP/R3 system. Existing data transfer programs used to minimize the coding necessary and to ensure the correct import of the necessary data.

  • Accounting: Fixed Asset and Accounts Receivables.
  • Purchasing: Open Purchase Orders and Purchase Info Records.

SAP 4.0b to &7.4 upgrade

James Roberts Consulting LLC, assisted in the conversion of a SAP 4.0b system to SAP 7.4. As one member of the team converted company developed programs and assisted in providing data transfer support for individual departments.

Tech Support Call Log System using C# and SQL Server

James Roberts Consulting, LLC designed and developed a system to allow Tech Support personnel to record and categorize the customer support process. The standalone system allows multi-level categorizing of each customer request. Closed requests may be tagged for further action based on need. The system was installed in 30 days and resulted in a net saving per year of $30,000 in maintenance fees on the previous system.

The application uses a SQL Server backend and was developed and distributed as a standalone C# executable.

Wireless Hand Held Gate Check-in System using Windows CE .Net

James Roberts Consulting, LLC designed and developed a check in and inspection application deployed to Windows CE .Net devices. The devices are connected to a server application through wireless 802.11b technologies. Receipt tickets are also printed through wireless printers.

The system was written in Microsoft VB .Net for both the remote and server applications.

Data Conversion for merging electronics manufactures

Wireless Handheld Equipment Check In and Inspection

James Roberts Consulting LLC. expanded an existing equipment inspection and damage estimating system. New features include receiving and release of intermodal equipment. The system uses wireless handheld computers to process transactions outside at the users depot.

Features include:

  • Wireless connections to a host NT system using TCP/IP.
  • Client Server Architecture.
  • Import/Export processes to provide data to accounting and deployment systems.

The system is written in Visual Basic.

Equipment Service Order Entry and Billing System.

James Roberts Consulting, LLC developed the Equipment Service Order Entry System application to our clients specifications. The application is used by mechanics to record time and materials when repairing customer equipment. The system will allow for download to a ERP system or can be used a standalone system with billing. System has a built in Inventory Control System.

The application features:

  • One button data upload and download from a host ERP system with complete logging.
  • Immediate validation of materials and labor, outside expenses, and travel expenses.
  • Order printing with on-screen signature capture.
  • Inventory control and invoice printing in Standalone mode.
  • Management review process.
  • Popup keyboards for use without physical keyboard.

The system is written in Visual Basic.

GPS User Interface for Material Storage Machines

James Roberts Consulting,LLC provided all the code for the user interface to a GPS based Inventory and Guidance System for large equipment storage facilities.

Application features included:

  • Tabbed interface between the user interface functions
  • Password protected maintenance mode.
  • On the fly graphic depiction of the machine

The system was written in C++ with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).